Bique lighting is an independent lighting design company. Here we make creative and functional lighting designs for architecture-, retail- and housing projects. Lighting design from lighting architects for architects and clients, where their wishes are essential. The goal is perfectly lighted projects were the space and atmosphere become much better then expected. With over 15 years of experience in the world of lighting brought us a lot of challenging projects. Please click on and take a look; the story behind the images we love to explain that in person.

About Me

There are only a few sort kind of projects where we did not worked on in the past 15 years, from church to house, from hospital to a restaurant. It’s hard to think of something were we didn’t shine our lights at. The added value of our working method is that we develop a lighting concept, in close corporation, with architect and the client. The reason for this is that they know very well what their project should look and feel like. The difficulty is to translate this vision into a optimal lighting design.


The strength of Bique Lighting is that we, as interior designers, specialised ourselves into lighting designers. By doing so we are very capable to make clear and concrete lighting designs. In short; our point of view is not only from the technical side (we do consider it but we will not talk you senseless about it) but more from the sides of aesthetic, architecture and atmosphere.  This method leads to a perfect design solution where lighting is integrated in the most optimal way.

lichtontwerp architectuur retail woonhuizen

Bique lighting offers a wide variety of lighting design disciplines: architecture-, retail projects and domestic houses form the inside as well the outside, until the exact pin pointing the lights on location. The starting point is always creativity because we believe that will make the difference. And we also get a lot of satisfaction from managing projects till the end, because change does not come from lighting calculations or flashy Power Point presentations.


To get a project done we determine these phases: Concept development, design and realisation. In our opinion; very clear and easy to understand.

Lighting design

The starting point of a proper lighting design is always the concept which comes from the collaboration with the architect and/or the client. Here we analyse very exact the project. We take into account; the architecture, atmosphere and the most important technical aspects.  


One of the secrets of a good lighting concept is get in contact with Bique Lighting as soon as possible. By doing so we can develop a concept which can be integrated at the most optimal way into the project.


The term architecture stands for several kind of projects, as well the inside as outside of it. For us the wishes of the client and the architect are the most important ones.  First we analyse very extensively the concept where for us; quality, spaciousness and durability are some of the most import factors.


Based on this we create a clear and functional lighting design which brings the best out of the architecture.


BIQUE is always looking at the soul of a retail concept. Why? Because the recognition of that principle makes a connection with the client. Or even better: that recognition makes a connection at the customer of our clients. 


By doing so we prevent a accumulation of loose ends without getting to the soul of the retail concept. 


There is not much what stands so close to you as you’re own home. It’s not just being their, you “live” there and maybe for many years.


Lighting in this environment can be quit often much more pleasurable, but you’ve to take the time for it. It’s strike us; as lighting designer, how often people refer to their lighting situation at home and how discontent they are about it. Not ready, unpleasant and not flexible enough are much heard comments.


Often they were looking for a nice lamp but unfortunately it was not the right solution. More often we hear a “not” instead of a “yes”.

Bique lighting has a large experience in realising these wishes into a “yes”.

Armando museum

In a, by Gerrit Rietveld designed pavilion “de Zonnehof”, is the museum of the dutch artist Armando. As the museum is temporary at this side we needed to come up with a lighting design which could be used in the existing installation and also could be moved to the next location. By careful investigation of the installation we could find the right manufacturer for the proper lighting.

Lighting installation:Ansorg